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Hilton Eliminating the Diamond Special Arrangement (aka Diamond Force) on Reward Stays

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There is a big and growing frustration by Hilton’s Diamond elites at the change in policy that Hilton is implementing with regards to guaranteed reward reservations for its Diamond members. This Flyertalk post confirms the major changes to the Diamond special arrangement(DSA) policy. This is the link to the whole discussion

The original DSA allowed Diamonds to book a reward stay even if there was no available standard room. This was done by a call to the Diamond desk whom would then contact the hotel on behalf of the customer to attempt to arrange an award booking. The great aspect of this policy is that it applied to single night and multi night awards such as the AXON( AMEX Hilton) 4 night award and multi night VIP rewards termed discounted GLON( Going Global award staring at 6 nights) which often offer a reduction of 20 percent over the number of points needed for a standard night reward. For example a standard reward at a category 7 hotel costs 50,000 points per night, but averages 37,500 points per night under a multi night GLON stay, so a standard reward costs 350,000 points for 7 nights at a Category 7 hotel, but a GLON 7 night stay costs 262,500 points. VIP multi night rewards are available to all Silver, Gold, and Diamond members. The change to the Diamond special arrangement is that now the hotel must be completely sold out in order to redeem HHonors points for a single or multi night stay at the Standard or VIP reward multi night stays. Otherwise, one has to book a premium room at vastly and grossly inflated nightly rates. This is simply bunk, and an insult to Hilton’s loyal Diamond members.

Take a look at the example of the Conrad Hong Kong for a multi night stay below.




The nightly per stay rates can be at the VIP GLON level, but they can be double triple, or even quadrupled! For example, a seven night GLON from Sept 9-16 requires 37,500 per night for a total of 262,500. September 14-21 requires 85,584 points per night for a total 599,088.

Finally, GLON redemption on September 18-25 will cost 188,712 per night totaling 1,320,904!

This is an incredible inflation of the required points for Diamonds for award redemptions. It is simply plain wrong and a major devaluation of the HHonors program. I recommend everyone contact the Hilton Diamond line and request to speak with customer relations-customer loyalty and strongly voice their disapproval of this policy change. For an email to inform your discontent to the Diamond desk,, or  

This policy is not an enhancement, it is a a major inflation of HHonors points and an even larger devaluation to the program than the increase in points required for rewards to the HHonors program implemented last year. Furthermore, disgruntled HHonors members may seek to take their business elsewhere such as Starwood or Hyatt. Hilton needs to change this policy back to the previous Diamond special arrangement policy that rewards Diamonds for their loyalty.


Written by chitownflyer

July 2, 2011 at 11:52 am

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  1. HIlton Diamond Desk is the worst in the industry by far. I am Diamond with Hyatt and have been previously Patinum with SPG and Platinum with Marriott and Platinum with Fairmont (by far the best and extremely pleasurable experience dealing with their concierge, very few ladies who you deal with all the time) . I have to say that Hilton does NOT have anyone specially trained on the Diamond desk. They simply pick up the phone and recognize the level based on what number you called. They are the most lethargic and careless of all hotel chains. Their training is TRAGIC. They would be better picking up random people from the street. Their service is consistently pathetic and their ability to help you with any issues other than what you can do yourself (i.e. book a hotel that you can do on line) in non-existent. To call it “Special” Diamond Member Line is outright misleading.

    Frank Stewart

    September 1, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    • Removing the Diamond Force is a real let down for Hilton members. It offers a good method of redemption and places their elites at an advantage to other hotel programs loyalty programs. Many elites are very upset at this change. When Hilton decided to make more booking options available, this is one thing if it involves making more choices available at a reasonable redemption rate, but the current limited scale roll out of the program shows ridiculous premium redemptions. I like the HHonors program overall and relish the number of global hotels Hilton has, so it is vital that they keep their loyalty program designed in a method that values its elites and continues to earn their business.


      September 14, 2011 at 8:53 pm

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