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Star Mega Do 3

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At View From the Wing, Gary Leff unveils all the great details of the Star Mega Do 3. The complete details are found at Milepoint. The sponsors of the program are United, Lufthansa, and Hyatt. The European portion of the program begins on September 5, 2011, and it has the option to start in New York City, fly the A380 to FRA, and then visit the Lufthansa facilities at Munich airport. Then return to the US with Lufthansa to Chicago(ORD). The LH flights earn actual EQMs flown and cost $900 in coach(S class) and $2400 in Business(Z class). The North American section takes place from September 7 though September 10, 2011. For those wishing to only travel within the US, the program starts in Chicago, goes to Montreal, and ends in Denver. Air travel is by a chartered CO 737 which earns a minimum of double EQMs for coach travel costing $750 and up to quadruple EQMs for first class travel costing $1675. A great benefit to the program is that three one night stays at the official Hyatt hotels of the program will earn the person Diamond status through 2013.

The direct link for registration is at this address:


Written by chitownflyer

June 25, 2011 at 11:11 am

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