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Acquiring a Lifetime United Red Carpet Club Membership via lifetime Continetal President’s Club Membership

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This post describes how a person can obtain a lifetime Red Carpet Club membership for United Airlines which United Airlines no longer directly offers.

You have two options for an airline club membership either the yearly United Red Carpet Club or Continental President’s Club, which offers a lifetime membership. AFAIK, United will have to recognize this as a lifetime RCC membership once the carriers are fully combined starting January 2012, but it would also be good to verify with a call to the Continental President’s Club. It appears one has until the end of the year to buy the lifetime Continental President’s Club membership.

Here is the Red Carpet Club info and rates: they only offer a yearly rate which is discounted for 1Ps at a $400 annual rate and $375 for 1Ks.,,52712,00.html?navSource=rccNav&linkTitle=rccMembDetails

 With regards to Continental, the rates are the same, but they offer a lifetime President’s Club membership. The rate is discounted for Continental elites, but United and Continental both allow you to match your existing status to the other airline so you can receive their benefits.

 You can match your status here, and you should make certain to designate Mileage Plus as your primary account.

 Then you can get the info for the President’s club with the link for the rates below with recognition of your status on Continental.  For a Gold elite. the yearly rate is $400, but the lifetime rate is $4900, and a 1K gets a $4600 rate.


Let me know what you think, and happy travels.


Written by chitownflyer

June 1, 2011 at 9:07 am

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